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Arborist’s Report:

Many cities and towns require property owners to obtain permission to remove a tree on their property.  We know what you are thinking….. I own the property…. I own the tree…. so why do I need permission from a Town or City official to cut it down?

Each Municipality has by-laws to help reduce the number of healthy trees that are cut down each year and thereby help to create a healthier greener environment.  The by-laws are working and fewer healthy trees are cut down and more trees are being planted.  Trees that are dead, dying, diseased or structurally weak, are exempt from the by-law and don’t require a permit.

Each city and town has a different by-law with different rules and regulations.  We are familiar with each municipality and we can help you apply for a permit.   Some Municipalities require that you submit an Arborist’s Report with your application for a tree removal.  We can provide you with this service.

Arborist Reports

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