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Deep Root Organic Fertilization:

We use organic water-soluble premium fertilizer.  The organic fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone where it is needed the most.  The fertilizer releases nutrients gradually, which is similar to what happens in nature.  We can create a fertilization program that will keep grown trees and shrubs healthy, surviving and thriving.  In some situations, we may recommend vertical mulch aeration.  This technique involves drilling holes in the soil beneath the canopy of the tree in a grid pattern using a 2 inch augur bit.  We then back-fill the hole with compost and granular organic fertilizer.  This promotes a healthy environment for roots to grow with more oxygen and beneficial nutrients, as well as, the three major nutrients required by trees and shrubs.

Nitrogen: responsible for maintaining the green colour in leaves and for normal twig growth.

Phosphorous: assists in the maturation of tissue and stimulates root growth.

Potassium: also known as potash, assists in the manufacture of sugars and starches which help tissues mature property and heightens the colour of flowers.

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