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Insects & Disease Problems  

Insects and diseases can severely threaten the health of a tree.

If you notice any abnormality, a careful examination should be conducted, looking for symptoms of damage and signs of deterioration.  Once you understand their causes, the problem can be diagnosed and treated.


Some insects defoliate trees, suck their sap, or retard plant growth.  They interfere with sap flow, weaken the tree structure or possibly carry plant diseases.  Usually, the insect infiltration is secondary to problems brought on by a stress disorder or pathogen.  Although when not in a harmful form, most insects are beneficial rather than destructive.

Always consult a tree care expert if you have any doubt about the nature of the insect problem or the proper treatment.

We are professionals in this field and can effectively deal with all insect and disease problems and are skilled specialists in dealing with the Asian Long Horned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer.


Environmental Stress:  Too little or too much water, light, and/or nutrients can make plants susceptible to insects and diseases.

Correct diagnosis of plant health problems require a careful examination of the situation.   When in doubt about the curse or cure, a professional Arborist should be your first line of defence.

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